How to choose earrings for a hairstyle

How to choose earrings for a hairstyle - probably every girl and woman thought about it. And although this is not an easy task, it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. In addition, there are many different types of hairstyles - cascade, page, square, bob, curls, and "horse" tails, if desired, you can choose earrings for any of them in such a way that they emphasize the oval of the face, the beauty of the curve of the neck, the elegance profile. For this, you just need to know a few secrets, which we will share with you now. Whether you're opting for short hair or showcasing luxurious curls, finding the perfect earrings is made easier with these suggestions, brought to you by

Short haircut

They say that a short haircut suits everyone without exception, if you choose the right shape that matches the oval of the face. There is even such a saying: there are no ugly women, there is an unprofessional hairdresser. A short haircut is chosen by girls and women who prefer to spend a minimum of time on styling and caring for their hair, and this hairstyle works just like that: a few minutes, and everything is ready. In addition, short haircuts are rejuvenating, this is another reason for their popularity. The third reason is the possibility of combining such a hairstyle with many styles of clothing: sports, classic, business and casual. What earrings will go with a short haircut, you ask, to look not like a schoolgirl, but like a woman? It should be noted that almost any earrings will suit young girls and women with short haircuts. With original styling, jewelry should not draw attention to itself, so in such cases stud earrings, small jewelry, as well as earrings with pendants are suitable.

For classic short haircuts that fully open the ears, silver hoop earrings of any size are suitable for daily use. By the way, Hollywood star Halle Berry adores them. You can also afford a rather bold combination: a small stud earring in one ear, and a long one that harmonizes with it in the other. It's very trendy and a little sassy.

Ceremonies are a real display of luxurious jewelry. With a short haircut and an evening dress with open shoulders, long silver earrings with amber, as well as massive ones with a large stone, look chic, but this is only if the lady's face is thin, not round.

Curls of medium length

For women with medium length hair, it is a little more difficult to choose earrings. For example, a square haircut completely hides the ears, and together with them - small earrings. In this case, the option of earrings in the form of wide rings, which will be noticeable, or long earrings that protrude beyond the edges of the haircut, will be appropriate. Almost all hairstyles of medium length are designed to draw attention to the face, so earrings will help in this.

Remember the rule: round-shaped earrings, as well as massive ones close to the ears, are more suitable for thin faces, while round-faced people should wear longer or very small ones. Especially if a woman wears her hair behind her ears, and her earrings are always visible.

In such cases, it is better for brunettes to choose earrings with honey-colored amber, and for blondes - yellow-white in a silver frame, or completely dark, which contrasts with the color of the hair.

Designers do not recommend wearing any intricate or massive earrings with long loose hair. Jewelry will not be visible under the hair, and besides, they can get tangled in the hair, causing unnecessary discomfort. But there are still options. For example, Congo earrings in the form of large rings, as well as stud earrings, which are silver chains, will look great with loose hair, giving the image a special charm.

If long hair is collected in a "horse" tail, "turtle", braid, or any other hairstyle, in which the hair becomes a little upward - restrictions on earrings are removed. It can be openwork silver earrings with small amber stones, massive, heavy jewelry, and unusual earrings of an avant-garde shape. Here, the choice should be approached taking into account the style of clothing in order to match the intended image. Choose earrings, taking into account our wishes, include your natural charm - and you will succeed!




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