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Relics that protect - how to choose a personal shrine?

By bowing before the icons, Christians always receive support, spiritual consolation, quiet joy, and pacification. Therefore, every person should have a personal image, of whom he treats with special warmth and love, turns to in difficult life situations, and thanks for the help provided. The righteous person shown on this relic is your spiritual mentor, a shepherd who will save you from troubles, dangers, and troubles, will show you the true path, and will prevent reckless actions and sinful desires. Our article will tell you how to find your guardian angel by date of birth and name and which shrines you can turn to! Our article, in collaboration with, will guide you on how to discover your guardian angel based on your date of birth and name, as well as direct you toward the right shrines to turn to for spiritual guidance and solace.

Icons are an inexhaustible source of grace

Faith is an amazing phenomenon of the human spirit. It saves people from fear, despair and longing, allows them to develop high moral qualities, gives the meaning of life, inspires noble deeds, sacrificial feats and personal achievements, unites the past and the future, reconciles parents with children, equally comforts and admonishes representatives different social groups and classes.

Unique and beautiful church relics also arose thanks to faith. Shrines play a very important role in the history of Christianity, being one of the forms of Divine revelation. Their purpose is to show people an image of the perfect Kingdom of Heaven, where everyone can find eternal life, to remind them of the Creator and the events that happened according to His will, to help them focus on prayer. And, although believers serve and worship only the Lord, they still deeply honor the things through which His grace is revealed - the Gospel, the Crucifix, images and other church objects.

All icons are sacred, and some of them are also recognized as miraculous. By bowing before such relics, people are cured of the most serious diseases, save themselves from natural disasters, epidemics, fires, and enemy attacks. The annals have preserved evidence of how the images flowed with fragrant peace or radiated an unearthly glow. And sometimes they even moved from place to place, pointing to something! However, paying tribute to such icons, it is necessary to remember that the miraculous power does not come from the picture itself, but from the Savior, whose providence is incomprehensible, but always merciful.

Any shrine has the ability to calm, encourage, cleanse from sins. However, in order for your prayer to be more sincere, thoughtful and come from the heart, you should still try to choose "your" icon. It can show an ascetic who has the same name as you, or a righteous person who is the patron of your profession. In addition, faces of the Most Holy Virgin are often bought for a home collection of images.

But what criteria should be followed when purchasing a personal relic? Read and find out!

Ікони з бурштину

Icons for the home - history, features and nuances of choice

Faith is always present in the heart and soul of a Christian. That is why some ascetics did not visit the church and did not have any shrines in their homes - it was enough for them to rely on the Lord and try to obey His commandments. But ordinary people need relics - they serve for close and spiritual communication with Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, the righteous and martyrs, allow them to ask for help or give thanks for it, repent of bad deeds, intentions, desires. In addition, by turning to images, believers find hope, firmness of spirit, and self-confidence. It is believed that the prayer vigil in front of the icons contributes to self-improvement, teaches to listen to the Divine will and willingly fulfill it, gives an opportunity to realize the closeness of the heavenly intercessor, who helps a person in all affairs and undertakings.

Messengers of the Creator, whose beautiful appearance is shown to us by various relics, invisibly accompany a Christian from baptism to death. They suggest the right decision, warn against sins and temptations, protect against dangers, personal and work problems. The guardian angel is determined by name and date of birth according to the church calendar. And according to this principle, you can choose a personal icon of the Virgin Mary. Here's how it happens.

Sacred amulets for home and family

Christian charms are used to ward off evil and attract blessings. The cross or icons of saints are frequent Christian charms for the home.

When choosing a shrine, be it an amulet, a crystal or an icon, it is important to understand exactly how they can affect the energy of a person and his environment. Here are some details and specific tips that can help you make the right choice and enjoy the positive effects of the shrine in your life.

It is important to note that choosing a personal shrine is an individual process. Before purchasing any shrine, it is important to feel connected to it and feel that it reflects your personality and spiritual needs. Here are some tips to help you choose your personal shrine:



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