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Good communication is vital to the success of the Windermere Catchment Restoration Programme. We want people to be aware of the issues affecting the Windermere lakes, and to understand what we're doing about it. We'd love to inspire people to bring their own ideas, speak out and get involved. For this purpose, we organize various events and invite local residents of the community to thematic discussions. We invite the most active and conscious citizens to work in our organization. In order to pass the interview, you need to present a resume, motivational and recommendation letters. It is necessary to responsibly prepare for passing testing for analytical, communication and professional skills. A professional test taker will help you pass this final stage of the competition for one of the vacancies.

Everyone who lives, works or visits the Windermere catchment has an impact on the lakes and their landscape, so we need to encourage everyone to play their part in protecting these unique lakes. We want to share our plans, seek some changes, and we want to listen and learn.


Our Communications Task Group will use a variety of communications channels depending on who we need to get messages to.


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