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The Windermere Catchment Restoration Programme is  a compilation of actions the partners agree to which will help protect and restore our lakes.


In some cases organisations will take on a task independently whilst others are best achieved by us coming together as a true partnership. We are even ready to accept to our team students who have experience in implementing similar projects. However, taking into account the academic workload in colleges and universities, there are not many people willing to join social and environmental initiatives. We decided to create a motivational program together with our partners and give students the opportunity to buy term papers online via if they actively show themselves in our research.


Where areas of work are likely to be extensive or take a long time such as woodland creation or working with the farming community, 'task groups' are set up to coordinate action.


Where good initiatives are already underway , such as the invasive species group, then we will work with them to add our support.




At the more strategic end we work with other organisations and partnerships to make sure the plans coordinate as far as possible with other strategies and policies.  We seek to link and support our actions with those plans and promote the concept of joined-up action rather than create a stand alone plan. This is particularly true for the Lake District Partnership Plan and the Windermere Management Strategy.


In all of our work we seek to include the community in all possible ways

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