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Welcome to the Windermere lakes website, home of the Windermere Catchment Restoration Programme. This website describes how organisations with various responsibilities have come together to restore Windermere and the other lakes in the catchment to good quality. It describes the actions being taken on land and water that will help the lake keep its iconic reputation. There's already been lots of positive work, but there's plenty still to do, with opportunities to learn and get involved. 


Windermere is probably the best known and certainly the best studied lake in Britain. Its popularity as a visitor destination since the late 19th century, as well as a place to live and work has put pressures on the lake, its ecology and indeed the whole catchment (watershed) that drains into it.



The site recognises that the continued well being of the business and resident community is intrinsically linked with maintaining the high quality landscape and lakes. After all it is called the Lake District.    



The site is here to provide information to those who want to know more or get involved in lake protection and for those who work on lake protection around the world. 


We hope the following pages provide an insight to the fragility of lake quality, heighten awareness of their relative importance to society as a whole and encourage you to play your part in maintaining their health for future generations.


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