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"A healthy Windermere catchment, for now, for ever."

Our vision is an ambitious one. We'd like to bring you on board, because ultimately, the quality of the Windermere catchment is dependant on those who live, work, visit and use the lakes.

Are you a visitor to the Windermere area? Or a resident, or a business who can call this area 'home'? Whatever your links to the Windermere catchment, there is something you could do to get involved in protecting the lakes and landscape that make this area so unique. After all, we must not forget that natural resources are quite limited and difficult to renew, sometimes young people take care of the environment lightly. Therefore, in order to convey to children and teenagers in an accessible form the importance of preserving and protecting such resources as lakes and forests, you can order essay from the on a relevant topic, which will contain the most important practical information without unnecessary terms and rules.

You could check your own actions to make sure you're doing your bit to be lake-friendly: protect the water quality of the lakes, save water, and reduce pressure on the local environment.

You could volunteer to get involved in one of the practical projects that will be coming soon.

Or maybe you've got some ideas of your own… If the work of WCRP interests you – if you've got a project you want to develop, then we'd like to hear from you! Or just contact us if you want to look after your Windermere but haven't got started.


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