The running around windmere

Every year I go running around parts of the Windmere lakes, it started of with a couple of miles a couple of years ago. However the goodness of the area made me increase the distance every year and to inhale the fresh moistened air of the Windmere is like having and energy boost in itself. My running doesn’t stretch that far and sometimes I walk large portions, but it is not a performance or prestige event for me. This is not a journey made to reach goals but something I do to feel alive. My baggage is very lite, I more or less just have the clothes I run in and a plastic card to pay for my expenses. There are several good places to stay around the way and one must be ready sleep in both hotels and more sparse alternatives. Next time I ago I have promised to give some rows of text along the way, I hope we see each other on this page’s running tips section where I am going to leave my notes on. Until then enjoy the fresh air, a good run and have a wonderful time.


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