Grandma’s favorite

I have always enjoyed a trip on the sea, in my younger years I just to stay at sea a couple of nights each summer to get that feeling of freshness and taste of the salty breeze. My husband John learned to enjoy the waves during those years, he was from the city and had promised to not find an outback girl. It took a while but as time went he started to be the planer of our trips together, it was kind of hard letting him decide at first but I realized that now when he was so into to it the “ferry” could not be stopped. We had magic moments on the calm lakes of Winderemere back then, before he left this world. Being a widow is sometimes hard but God have granted my a new companion in life, it’s a good thing to keep yourself a little busy so the thoughts take less room. Having grandchildren is a pleasant way to spend your time and a good occupation during daytime. Last summer my daughter and her children came with me to the Windermere lakes and we went to daytrip on the sea. It was a good way to see that life moves on in from of the little ones that comes after us older. Altought a trip to Windermere was always Johns favorite we call it “grandma’s favorite” since then.

– Margret

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