To be one with the wind

To travel from A to B is a very basic thing in life, almost as necessary as eating and sleeping. This transportation can be done by foot or typically by something on wheels. Most transportation that uses wheels and have an engine make lots of noises. You could say that going with wheels is overall a fast way of getting to B but sounds a lot when you do it.

To travel on the waves with a boat requires no wheels just the breeze and gives you the opportunity to be one with the wind. No kind of squeaking wheels or humming engine to disturb the travel, just the waves and the air. To sail is one of the oldest ways to travel a big distance and hundreds of years ago the only way to transport large amounts of cargo over the globe. To get back into that time when nature ruled the routes of our travel more is a great way of feeling part of something big. To sail the Atlantic is few who get the opportunity to experience however sailing on the Windermere lakes i actually close enough. The wind will be in your hair and the fresh breeze will take you by sail to B without noises.

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