My marine favorite

Hello fellow biologists!

That is how I use to start every letter (or email these days) I write in the marine biologist association. But this time, in my letter to you I’m going to get more personal and testimonial than “nerdish”. My name is Scott Burns and I have been enjoying the shorelines of Windermere for some time now, I travel at least once a month during the summer and spring seasons and see a lot of marine shores. Returning to Winderemere is always a refreshing felling and the debris of it’s bays always gets my imagination going. What kind of interesting sealife will I find under the rocks this time and where are the schools near the coast located during the following season. The Lakes of Windermere is without any doubt one of my favorite places to study and I hold it dare. During the years in the association my sweet talk of Winderemere have attracted many of my fellow biologists. A couple of years ago our camp had more than 12 people staying and 8 of the crew members was suppose to have the weekend of because they travel so much. I hope you none-biologists get to enjoy Windere one way or another, I would take you with me if you cleared the basic biologist exams :P

Scott Burns – Board member of Marine biologist Association

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